Walking into the lobby of the Middletown Police Department one probably wouldn’t think they’d come face to face with one of the most notorious outlaws in American history. But you will – his mugshot anyway. 91 years ago today Clyde Barrow was arrested by Middletown, Ohio police. To honor this moment in local history they have displayed a baby faced Barrow’s booking photo as well as some other jail records to commemorate this criminal’s confinement.

Way back on March 18, 1930 Barrow, who would become half of the famous duo Bonnie and Clyde, broke into a Middletown dry cleaner and tried to steal an overcoat, eight suits and a dress. His plan was foiled by the night watchman, George Leppich who pulled a gun on Barrow and his gang. The men dropped the garments and took off. Leppich called police. The next day Barrow and his buddies robbed another local business but this time they didn’t get away so easily. The three men were arrested and extradited back to Texas, where Barrow was sentenced to 14 years for his crimes. He was paroled less than two years later – and the rest is history. 

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