If you’re not familiar with the Shayna Hubers case I will take a moment to bring you up to speed. This local case has been widely featured both nationally and internationally so there is a lot of information available. You may have seen pieces on 20/20, 48 Hours, Snapped and It Takes a Killer detailing the murder of Ryan Poston by Shayna Hubers. In the past few days the case has taken an interesting turn as Shayna has decided to contact local media for a lengthy televised interview unbeknownst to and without permission from her attorney offering interesting info about her upcoming jailhouse marriage as well as a bit of insight into her high profile case.

Shayna Hubers, then aged 21, shot her on again, off again boyfriend Ryan Poston six times inside his Highland Heights, Kentucky condo, a quiet enclave located about 10 minutes south of downtown Cincinnati. On Thursday October 12, 2012 Ryan Poston, a 29 year old attorney, had planned a date with second runner up Miss Ohio 2012, one Audrey Bolte. The two were to meet for drinks that evening- but he never made it.

On the night before his planned date with Audrey, Ryan and Shayna had dinner with Poston’s mom and stepfather, Lisa and Peter Carter. After dinner, Ryan pulled Peter Carter aside to ask for advice on how to break up with Shayna. Their on again, off again relationship was tumultuous at best and according to Ryan’s family and friends filled with jealous outrage from Shayna. Mr. Carter advised Ryan to be direct, yet kind when breaking up with her.

After dinner, Shayna and Ryan returned to his condo where an argument ensued, an argument that lasted all night into the next day. It was on this day that Shayna called 911 to report that she had killed her boyfriend. Hubers shot Poston 6 times but maintained the killing was in self-defense. During her interrogation by local police Hubers alleged that her relationship with Ryan Poston was abusive.

During questioning Hubers made several bizarre statements including the now infamous, “gave him the nose job he always wanted” as well as “I don’t know if anyone will want to marry me if they know I killed a boyfriend in self-defense.” When left alone in the interrogation room she also sang, “I killed him, I killed him” while dancing around the table.

After her confession, Hubers was arrested for murder and held on $5 million bond.

The indictment for murder came down on December 20, 2012.

On January, 16 2013 Hubers pled not guilty.

It was not until April 12, 2015 that Hubers murder trial finally convened, a full two and a half years after the incident. During this time she had remained in Campbell County Detention Center unable to make bail.

Prosecutors claimed Hubers motive for murder was that Poston wanted to break up with her and end the relationship once and for all. Hubers defense attorney claimed the shooting was self-defense and that she had suffered domestic abuse at the hand of Poston.

Prosecutorial evidence included text messages detailing Hubers’ obsession with Poston as well many witnesses echoing the same testifying from the stand. Including members of Postons family, Audrey Bolte and even Hubers’ former cellmate who said Hubers bragged about killing Poston while in jail.

Hubers did not take the stand in her own defense.

After only 5 hours of jury deliberation Hubers was found guilty of the murder of Ryan Poston. The jury recommended a 40 year sentence to which she was sentenced four months after her conviction. The judge also mentioned during sentencing that he did not believe that Hubers was the victim of domestic violence and that he had considered an even greater sentence than 40 years.

Following her sentencing, Hubers filed for an appeal. That appeal was granted on August 25, 2016.
Her conviction was overturned based on the fact a committed felon happened to be a member of the convicting jury. Kentucky law prohibits felons from jury duty so with this a new trial was set for September 18, 2017.

Hubers’ attorneys petitioned for a delay to the September start date asking for more time to prepare.
They requested the extension and it was granted pushing the trial date up to April 3, 2018.

A petition for change of venue was put forward late February 2018 but was denied. That aspect of this story was also riddled with drama including multiple forgeries on said petition that ended up providing some jail time to another party, an interesting story in and of itself.

As of May 15, 2018 the second murder trial has yet to commence as attorneys are still involved in a lot of pre-trial wrangling.

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