Last night I ventured up to Dayton, Ohio to check out the ‘Spirit of Huffman’! 
It’s a tour of nine historic homes in the Huffman neighborhood. The homes all date from the early to mid 1800’s and have been painstakingly restored.The tour features Queen Anne, Italianate, and Eastlake Victorian homes but for me the real attraction is the fact that the homes are all beautifully decorated for Halloween. Although all the homes were lovely, the house that belonged to Mr. Livesay (third in the tour) was the jewel in the crown. Hands down the most amazing collection of Halloween decor, sculpture, handmade items and vintage collectibles that I have ever seen in one place. He starts his decorating in August and does it all by himself. Every time I turned the corner into another room it would top the last. Truly magical. I took a lot of photos last night with the majority of them being Mr. Livesay’s collection. I could’ve stayed in his house for hours looking at all the intricate vignettes he created. It was mind blowing and left me feeling like I definitely need to up my Halloween game. The first 30 photos here are exteriors and a sampling of homes from around the tour.

I took over 100 photos that night. You can view more of them, including Mr. Livesay’s unbelievable collection.

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