For centuries, the Cincinnati area has been the nation’s leading producer of coffins, caskets and burial vaults. If you saw the previous post you know Cincinnati’s own Crane, Breed & Co. developed game-changing metal, rectangular caskets in the 1850’s. These state-of-the-art beauties were a far cry from the coffins of yore. These caskets were considered so chic and modern for their time, they were chosen to house President Lincoln for all eternity. In 1875 Cincinnati Coffin Company was formed, this huge facility was located on the northeast corner of Richmond and Fillmore Streets and was soon was one of the largest suppliers of coffins and undertaker’s supplies around. During World War II there was a surge in need for some 250,000 caskets. Having won the contract, the company upgraded its production facilities and began producing a casket every two minutes until the order was filled. Today Batesville Casket Co., located just 40 minutes west of the city, holds the title of North America’s largest provider of caskets and funeral products. Batesville Casket, which began in 1884 is based in Batesville, Indiana and reportedly commands about 40 percent market share of the $1.5 billion industry,

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