I came across this interesting old story from The Cincinnati Enquirer, August 11, 1925. Can you imagine a coffin just sitting out at a subway station, unclaimed for days?

Body Lies on Station Platform fore Removal To Cincinnati.
After having been sent from Chicago to Marinette, Wisconsin, by mistake, and later lying outside the Chicago and Northwests Railway station at Edison Park for two days, the body of the husband of Mrs. Alma H. Weber, 6725 Oxford Avenue, today rested in peace in Cincinnati. Considerable mystery surrounds the travels of the body. According to Mrs. Weber, her husband died in a Chicago hospital following an operatlon, and while he was living away from his home as result of a nervous breakdown. She said the body was sent to Marinette by mistake was traced there and then returned to Edison Park at her request. For two days it lay in a rough coffin on a pushcart outside the Edison Park station, while Mrs. Weber arranged with the Chicago Health Department to accept it, according, toher story. But attachĂ©s of the Health Department assert that they have no record of Mr. Weber’s death or record of the transportation of his body, into or out of the city. Edison Park residents who commute into the Ioop began to wonder how long the body would adorn the platform. Mrs. Weber, who was asked to state what hospital her husband died in, evers that Cincinnati was her husband’s birthplace.

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