A behind the scenes look at my friend, Laura Brand as she works on her long awaited book that delves into the heinous crimes of Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, the pair often referred to as the ‘Tool Box Killers.’ It seems after years of research and multiple prison visits, Bittaker keeps throwing wrenches into the works- including sending Laura maps of body locations and buried evidence! The items pictured below arrived just last week complete with post-its containing hand written notes from Lawrence! She will be headed back to San Quentin death row with corresponding satellite maps to get exact pinpoints.

With more and more questions still needing to be resolved she says she may add more chapters to her book. Either way, she is determined to get answers once and for all and write the final chapters for “What Hell is Like; The Untold Story of the Toolbox Killers” The title of the upcoming book is derived from a quote by the prosecutor, saying “If you don’t know what hell is like, you’re about to find out.”

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