On this day in 1889 conjoined twins Pearl and Ruby Jones were born in Indiana. Sadly the girls wouldn’t live long, passing on February 19, 1890 from complications that arose after contracting measles. It was reported that little Ruby was “bright and hearty” up until the moment of Pearl’s death and succumbed just 45 minutes later. Check out this not so subtle article transcribed from the Tipton Advocate dated July 5, 1889.

Near Groomsville, Tipton County, Ind
TWINS WITH ONE BODY The Greatest Living Freak of Nature Ever Given to Man and Woman. Tipton County Now Has the Great-est Wonder of the World. A Baby With Two Heads, Four Arms, Four Legs, Two Sets of Vital Organs and One Body, Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones, in Prairie Township, Tipton County, Indiana. Thousands of Visitors Call and See the Greatest Living Monstrosities on Earth. We are happy to be able to present to the readers of the Advocate this week the first and only correct illustration of the double-headed babies, born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones, of Prairie township, this county, taken from a photograph and that is now attracting the attention of all the physicians, scientists and learned men of the United States. The attempted illustrations given by the Kokomo Tribune, Frankfort Banner, Cincinnati Enquirer and other papers are base imitations and are nothing but caracatures, and do not give-the correct idea by long odds… The Advocate has the first honor of giving a correct illustration of the wonderful baby or babies. For the benefit of many hundreds of readers who did not get to read our report given, last week we give another description, having paid the monstrosities another visit since our last issue. On Monday night, June 24, birth was given to these twins, Dr. Cooper, of Groomsville, being the attending physician, and through his skill their lives were saved, and there is no reason on earth why they should not live to maturity, as there is no deformity that conflicts with the natural organs or to interrupt the natural growth of the babies. They are both female babies and, as will be seen in the illustration, there is but one body, complete from the arm pit of one baby to the arm pits of the other. The union of the two bodies are formed in the center. The lower limbs (legs) are located ‘on the sides of the body and are opposite to each other. The leg of each child are on opposite sides, and are not on the same side as declared by some Kokomo doctors. The genital organs are located on the back between the legs, on either side of junction of the two spinal columns and about 31 inches apart. There are two anus located about one and a half inches apart and on either side of the junction of the two spinal columns. Each child is supplied with a heart, a pair of lungs, abdominal organs, in fact the babies are perfect to where the union is made. It is not yet certain whether the blood assimilates from one child to the other or not. At birth there was but one umbilicus and the natural presumption is that life was sustained to both babes by one chora, but it is possible that there were two norishing veins in the one chord. It is certain that the blood does not circulate in unison, and it does not seem reasonable that the heart could perform the double function of discharging and receiving blood at the same instance. The latest conclusion is that the hearts action are independent of each other. Unfortugately the placenta was not preserved, or this problem could have been -solved. At birth their weight was 12 1/2 pounds and measured 22 1/2 inches long. They are unusually bright and seem to notice objects around them. One appears to be a little healthier than the other, though both are as lively as crickets. The complexion of one is rather light while the other is dark. Both have a luxurious growth of hair and have handsome features. The respitory acts independently and the bowels and kidneys perform their respective functions. As will be seen in the illustration, one is asleep while the other is wide awake. They both nurse at the breast and take to the bottle like trained children. They are of different dispositions, for while one is inclined to laugh the other will cry. Since their birth we have been looking through, medical journal and we find nothing to equal them. The illustrious Siamese twins were nothing as monstrosities as compared to these, and physicians pronounce them as the greatest living wonders known to the medical profession. The twins father is about the age of 24 and the mother 19. They are the parents of a little girl now about two years. They possess average intelligence and there are no unnatural hereditary influences in the family. They are well-to-do and hardworking farmers. There is a remarkable longerity in both members of the family. The great-grandparents on the mother’s side are still firing and enjoying good health. Dr. Cooper, the attending physician is proud of his charge, as he has cause to be. and if the parents will follow his instructions they will be successful in raising them. E. A. Thatcher, of this city, has photographed four views of them they being the only photographs made of them, and has applied for a copyright and he and parents have exclusive control of their sale. They are cabinet size and sell for 25 cents. Everynody will want a photograph. Hundreds of people have visited them since their birth there being more than 800 people there last Sunday. The babes bear up under this ordeal remarkably well, but if the parents hope to raise them they must shut off this rush, which we understand they now have done. We will keep a close watch upon their development and keep our readers thoroughly posted on their lives. The Kokomo monopolists are trying to the credit of their birth to Howard county and have sent out specials to the daily papers to that effect ‘The facts are they belong to Tipton County and were born and are living in a Prairie township. Every citizen of Tipton county should resent this Kokomo claim and demand the credit of this birth where they belong. Just before going press Dr. Cooper and Mr. Jones called at the Advocate office and reported the babies doing very well, but on last Sunday evening they had an attack of inflammation of the bowels, and then perotinitus set up at the navel, but the doctor successfully overcome this and art now well and hearty.

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