Avedis Ralph Seaward is due in front of the Ohio parole board next month. He is currently serving up to a 50 year sentence for aggravated robbery at Pickaway Correctional Institution. In both written and verbal confessions, he has admitted to serial murders, rapes, robberies, arson and fraud in multiple states. In the photo’s you’ll see I’ve attached an article I located from 1981 penned by Seaward himself thanking law enforcement for the “fantastic job” they did while he was in their custody. He goes on to mention how they inspired him to give the details of “all the crime he never got caught at.” I also found it rather alarming that even though he has admitted to multiple rapes, he was never charged and is serving his time for aggravated robbery only.

According to the Warren County, Ohio Prosecutors webpage, “In 1981, Seaward robbed and kidnapped a 23 year old employee of a convenience store in Franklin, Ohio. He transported her to a nearby county, where he raped her. He pled guilty to Aggravated Robbery and was sentenced to 7-25 years in prison, the maximum possible sentence at that time. Later in 1981, in Sandusky County, Seaward requested a ride from a tavern to his disabled car. One of the employees agreed to take him to his car, accompanied by another patron. After getting in her car, Seaward pulled a knife and forced the other man to get out of the car, by threatening to kill the woman. He then took the female victim to a secluded location, where she was repeatedly raped and assaulted. Seaward was also convicted of Aggravated Robbery in Sandusky County and sentenced to 7-25 years in prison. In both cases Seaward threatened his victims with harm, if they reported the crimes to police. The 7-25 years imposed by Warren County was to be served consecutively to Sandusky County case, resulting in a total of 14 to 50 years. Seaward has served approximately 30 years of his maximum sentence of 50 years. Seaward’s criminal history and arrests, prior to 1981, spans several states, including New Hampshire, Georgia and Ohio. His record includes theft offenses, as well as other sexual assaults. More alarming is that he is a self-proclaimed serial criminal, who claims to have committed multiple crimes, in many jurisdictions.

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