On this day back in 1989 Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair at Florida State Prison. I lived in Tampa at the time and will not soon forget the media footage of countless revelers gathered across the street from the prison, holding signs, cheering and dancing. There was even an impromptu fireworks show.  According to execution notes taken in that day, “At 7:06 am, six minutes past schedule, the executioner turned on 2000 volts of electricity and Bundy gently arched back in the chair and clenched his fists. One minute later the power was turned off. At 7:16am this morning the doctor at Florida State Prison pronounced Theodore Bundy dead. He was executed right on schedule. In his final statement Bundy said, “Jim and Fred I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends” Jim Coleman is Bundy’s attorney from Washington DC and Fred Lawrence is Methodist minister. Bundy who was 42, also placed two last calls to his mother in Tacoma Washington to say farewell “He sounds wonderful” Louise Bundy said after the first telephone call “He sounds very much at peace with himself” At the conclusion of the second call Bundy’s mother told him “You’ll always be my precious son.”


Dezern, Craig Roy, Roger. Bundy Finally Draws Cheers. The Orlando Sentinel. January 25, 1989. Orlando, Florida

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  1. Executed on my birthday… creepy.

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